Fabric and Raw Materials Requirements Planning•Interactive view by date showing
•Material purchase orders,
•Customer orders,
•Production orders.
•Inventory in Locations, lots
•Generate production based on availability and customers’ delivery
•Generate purchase to meet demand
•Consumption by production phase or contractor
•Exception reporting
•(see more in production presentation)

•Generate Production orders automatically from requirements planning or directly form order entry
•Special order and private label, change trim and label kits
•Local or offshore production with Import PO and Goods-in-Transit tracking
•Schedule production phases and assign to factories
•Sample and production sample
•Print  production orders by department (knitting, cutting, sewing) or sub-contractor,
•PDF material requisition,  grading specs, trim list, and tech-packs for outside factories
•Generate bundle and piecework tickets (full factory incentive module described elsewhere)

Production Control