​​In CAMS10i, the Cantel Apparel Management Solution, we have achieved a new level of integration. All aspects and modules of CAMS 10i are integrated with each other eliminating errors and duplication of effort.

This new functionality is designed with the user in mind with features such as task scheduling and assignment, CAMS SmartMail alerts, user accountability and follow-up, and contact management.  We extend the user base to the broader community of sales reps, customers, design and sourcing teams, as well as factory, warehouse personnel and suppliers - all interacting and collaborating over secure portals with in-house ERP users.

The design and product development team feeds the production and sourcing with tech packs, bills of materials and labor. Their tasks are part of the pre-production check-list and impact the production schedule.  Offshore manufacturing and sourcing agents enter packing slips, print shipping carton labels and fill the shipping container for goods-in-transit tracking, import documents, warehouse receiving, and cost capture..

Sales reps enter orders on iPad or tablet at tradeshows or at customers. Retailers enter orders online though the B2B or EDI. All are automatically processed along with your in-house orders – no need for downloading or synchronizing with other systems. SmartMail alerts keep the customer service team in the loop. Item availability (when and how much) is visible to sales reps and customer service personnel as well as customers.

A new approach to integration from PDM to Financials

CAMS Apparel ERP Solutions

Our clients include manufacturers, importers and distributors of fashion and basic apprel and footwear. From each implementation, we have learned much about these industries and their unique characteristics. Cantel’s innovative solutions are founded in three decades experience, a process that has evolved through a unique approach to software development that includes true technological research as well as solution-oriented development. Our development efforts include significant firsts in applications and systems development (all web design, full PDM, integrated EDI, WIP loading, integrated report writer, KPI, and Smart-Mail)..

Our Experience

  • Reduce the order-to-delivery cycle,
  • Track design and development
  • Track demand vs. supply and forecast
  • View Key Performance Indicators
  • Control production costs,
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve margins - Achieve growth

Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

In today’s apparel market, retailers & consumers push for lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery. To stay ahead, the Apparel and Footwear Industries must respond with technology, innovative systems and information. Cantel addresses these challenges with CAMS state-of-the-art systems solutions..