​PO and Production Tracking

With integrated task schedules

Interactive link to :•PO
•Allocated customer orders
•Tasks, highlight late
•Shipping file

Status in units, value and dates

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Logistics and goods-in-transit

Track by shipping file and container 

Purchase Order

•Print in PDF
•Secure Access by Supplier for download
•17 Print options for
–Supplier item codes
–Customer SKUs, UPCs

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Style Purchases

•With full production and materials control or as finished goods
•ETD, ETA, In-house dates, lead times
•Task follow-up and status
•Matrix entry
•CBM, packing rules
•Allocation  to Customer Orders
•Private label programs
•Specify receiving warehouse
•Track changes
•Substitute supplier
•Notes from library for shipping, packing, production
•Full raw materials purchases