Order Fill Interactive Query‚Äč

  • The order fulfillment query provides an interactive list of open orders and their status in summary and by exception.
  • Percent fill rate by date
  • The percent fill rate by date is used to determine the best time to ship an order. For example, order 24543 will be 32.4% complete by July 19 and 100% by August 23.
  • ETA by style, lot and/or PO is shown in the next column
  • Access the order for changes or allocation details by style colour size
  • Pick generation & Auto-Pack & Confirmations for several orders
  • Generate pick slips, auto pack at carton level to use in  warehouse as a packing guide.
  • Email confirmations
  • View credit and confirmed status
  • Download to XL, in detail or summary

Order Fulfillment

‚ÄčOrder Allocation

  • Allocate according to rules and priority from stock or incoming goods
  • Allocation worksheet helps fine tune
  • Picking
  • Generate pick slips by priority, warehouse, % order fill.
  • Gross pick slip, move bulk stock
  • Packing
  • Scan and pack, pre-packs, pick pack
  • Auto pack to fill cartons according to customer rules
  • Packing slip with carton list
  • Labels, BOL, Manifest
  • UCC128, MH10, EDI ASN
  • Carton content detail
  • Carrier rates with tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Directly from packing detail
  • Send EDI 810 and email